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Carter Anhold & Co Intellectual Property Solicitors Sligo & Dublin

A changing profession

to meet the changing

needs of Business



Donnacha Anhold, Head of

Intellectual Property at Carter

Anhold & Co Solicitors


Are you a start-up company

or a growing SME that

has developed intellectual

property in your Brand,

Product, or Service? Protecting

your ideas and innovations

has never been more vital.

Donnacha Anhold, Head of

Intellectual Property at Carter

Anhold & Co Solicitors, feels

the services available to start

ups and SMEs in Intellectual

Property protection,

particularly in the West and

North West of the country,

need to be broadened to meet

the growing requirements of

Ireland’s businesses.

“As our economy makes the

transition to the technology-driven

digital age, it is

important that we build a

professional and advisory

infrastructure to meet the

demands of doing business in

this new environment.”

Donnacha, an Irish

Registered Trade Mark

Agent, with a Law Society of

Ireland affiliated Certificate

in Trademark Law, believes

it is critical for businesses to

fully understand how best

to protect their intellectual

property rights, such as

“Background IP” or “know

how”, when entering into

agreements for manufacture,

sale or supply.

Advice on properly

licencing an idea or invention,

and the intellectual property

contained within it, is of

fundamental importance to

an aspiring business. So too

is the potential protection

of your brand, your brand

name or logo by means of

Trade Mark protection. This

grants the Trademark owner

a monopoly protection over

that mark or brand preventing

others from using it.

“Business today is

changing rapidly. The legal

profession needs to change to

service these needs.”


Carter Anhold & Co provide

a comprehensive range of

Contentious, Non-Contentious,

and Transactional Intellectual Property services

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